Family Sunday School

Families that make a difference in our world!
Come to Family Sunday School: Creating a Christian community for the children of Lakeside. Children ages preschool through eighth grade, along with their parents. Sundays we will be gathering for support and learning starting at 9:00am .

9:00 Family Breakfast.  All our families gather to eat together  in the Social Hall.
9:15 Everyone breaks into groups to learn about God and how to be a supportive community.


Infants through Kindergarten  will be meeting with Beverly Wong and Barbara Bruxvoort,
1st-4th grade will meet with Pam Rupright and crew.
Fifth-12th grade have a specially designed confirmation course taught by Rev. Dr. Kim Nelson and other volunteer staff.
Parents are included
Adults will be reading a chapter a week from the book on Parenting  as a springboard for discussion about teaching our children the love of God and the deeper truths and joys of Christ's service. Books are available through contacting the Christian Education director at ext. 15